We’ve got our solution attitude on our own silicon

After years of strategic acquisitions, R&D, and people investment, we have the team, attitude, culture, processes, reputation, and unique,unrivaled intellectual property, including our own silicon, to continue to grow and benefit as automation and mobility drive expansion worldwide.  
The combination of our three core technologies offered in the form of chips and modules is unique in the market. Our competitors in the integrated circuits space focus mainly on the consumer, handset, and PC markets. Our competitors in the module space have no access to core IP and implement only the reference design of the chip suppliers.
“On the anniversary of 25 years since our founding, we’ve got our solution attitude on our own silicon, thanks to years of strategic investment and the successful market adoption of our new service business alongside our established hardware portfolio.”
Market consolidation has created an opportunity
The recent market consolidation in the module space has reduced our customers’ options in terms of sourcing solutions and innovation, creating an even greater market opportunity for u-blox. Within our competitive environment no other company is offering the same solution portfolio.
Innovation is our life blood
Since our founding as an ETH spin-off a quarter century ago, we have maintained our innovative spirit. Our still-present founders are the mentors of our innovative solution attitude across our 33 locations encompassing 18 R&D facilities and 20 sales and marketing operations spread over five continents. 

We are never far away from our customers, their markets, and what is relevant to their business cases. As a result, we engage with our customers and regional distributors throughout the decision-making journey for the best ideas and can be highly responsive in proximity. Furthermore, we can draw from our diverse,global talent pool helping u-blox stay ahead of the global innovation curve and the competition.

We innovate faster with less
Within our u-blox product centers there is an abundance of enthusiasm for our purpose as our teams are market focused with a high level of dedication. Combined with our lean and agile process driven culture, this helps us innovate much faster with less. Consequently, three quarters of our gross margin is derived from u-blox proprietary IP on our own silicon, making us highly competitive within the IoT industry.
We respect the partnership with our customers
We do not compete with our customers, but rather concentrate our energy on innovative ideas that support them as they create their products for fast growth in markets where our technology portfolio often delivers the undisputed competitive advantage. Thus, our customers choose u-blox based on the value we provide.

Three quarters of our gross margin is from productswith our proprietary chipsets.

“75% of our gross margin is derived from products with u-blox proprietary IP on our own silicon, making us highly competitive within the IoT industry.”

We represent quality
Over the many years u-blox has created a unique quality system that assures the delivery of products that are functionally extremely robust and highly reliable. Our aim for zero defects is recognized across the IoT industry. Our products achieve lifetime reliability of close to zero Parts Per Million (PPM) failure rate. We are a renowned supplier to the automotive industry and comply with their very specific requirements for process and product quality.

We are leading the way
The ever-evolving standards in wireless communication increase demand for u-blox products for infrastructure and devices, which are often first-of-kind and market-ready to deliver a much-needed solution and capture market share. New standards in communication infrastructure create new demand for our products.