At the market edge, shaping the next global dominant design

Within the rapidly expanding IoT industry, u-blox has taken a different path with its chip to cloud evolution over the last 25 years. Over 70% of our employees are dedicated to R&D at u-blox. While there are many important aspects of our business at u-blox, our core strength is innovation through our high and enduring investment in R&D.
Our R&D team is in the market working closely with our partners across the IoT eco-system delivering first-of-kind product and service innovation. For example, smaller form factor, lower power consumption, new security attributes, higher accuracy and robustness, or a new range of user tools to help our customers accelerate time to market.  
“Within the rapidly expanding IoT industry, u-blox has taken a different path with its chip-to-cloud evolution over the last 25 years.”
u-blox R&D is at the global market edge anticipating the next major technology development to ensure we maintain our leading market position.

Deepening our understanding of each industry to deliver solutions
As industries automate and go through their unique digital transformation – from a smart watch to a fully automated farm tractor – we partner within each industry with market leaders and other technology providers to deepen our understanding of the required solutions.

Customers gain access to our best and brightest R&D minds
Our successful collaboration with global market-shaping leaders has been mutually beneficial as these key customers gain access to our best and brightest R&D minds, and, in turn we to theirs. The results are disruption of old business models, first-of-kind designs, better performance, longer lifespan, and new ways of positioning, connecting, computing, and data transferring within the IoT industry.

AWS IoT Express Link
u-blox recently collaborated with Amazon Web Services(AWS) to develop two first-of-kind modules pre-provisioned to enable out-of-the-box secure communication with AWS via Wi-Fi and cellular IoT.

Paving the way for rapid design-ins with no complex software to run and maintain on the device side, the modules are ideal for small to medium-sized businesses targeting consumer and industrial markets. Moreover, by simplifying access to cloud services, AWS IoT Express Link knocks down one of the key barriers standing in the way of newcomers to the IoT space: complexity.

“The decision to work with u-blox was a clear choice for us at AWS, as we knew that their high-quality modules targeting industrial and professional applications would complement our wide range of software and cloud services for IoT” said Shyam Krishnamoorthy, General Manager of Consumer IoT and Connectivity at AWS.”

GMV* partnership for market ready end-to-end safe positioning solutions
Functional safety is becoming increasingly indispensable for automated or autonomous vehicles within the automotive and industrial sectors.

GMV, a leader in safe positioning systems, and u-blox have partnered to provide market ready, functional safe positioning solutions.

To achieve a functional safe positioning solution, customers must develop and integrate hardware and software from multiple vendors. GMV’s leading algorithms and augmentation service combined with u-blox leading positioning hardware and software will be integrated into the joint solution. As a result, the offering will minimize effort and accelerate time-to-market.

This unique solution will be marketed by u-blox and complements its existing GNSS receiver portfolio and advanced GNSS augmentation service PointPerfect.

*Founded in 1984, GMV is a private capital technology group with 3,000 employees worldwide, offices in 12 countries, and a global leader in functional safe positioning systems.

u-blox and Nvidia partner for autonomous driving
Nvidia is known for its high-end Graphic Processing Units (GPU) and as an autonomous driving technology partner to Toyota and other car OEMs. Additionally, Nvidia has partnered with u-blox to integrate the ZED-F9K into the NVIDIA DRIVE Hyperion modular development platform and reference architecture for accelerating the design of autonomous vehicles.

Li Auto’s new LI L9SS utilizes u-blox ZED-F9Khigh-precision GNSS 
Launched in June 2022, the Li L9 comes equipped with a full-stack, self-developed Li AD MAX smart driving system with Navigation on ADAS (Advanced driver assistance systems)(NOA) functionality.  

Li Auto has integrated the u-blox ZED-F9K high-precision GNSS module to enhance assisted driving. The driving assistance system recognizes traffic lights, pileups, and road shoulders. In addition, it features adaptive cruise control, lane keeping, automatic merging, intelligent speed adjustment, automatic ramp entering and leaving, and visual parking functions that require an accurate positioning system.