Products, services, and solutions

The world wants market-ready solutions

Our dynamic customers around the world are continuously solving complex challenges requiring both location awareness and wireless communication capabilities through IoT.  

Market-ready solutions, which rely heavily on our unique portfolio of services, are increasingly in demand.
Our new pioneering User Development Explorer Kits
Throughout 2022 we released a range of full-featured Explorer Kits combining our unique blend of positioning and wireless communications expertise and services to support faster time-to-market for new products.
The following is a small selection highlighting some of the u-blox products, services, and solutions launched in 2022:

LARA-L6 – the world’s smallest LTE Cat 4 module
In May 2022, u-blox launched the world’s smallest LTE Cat 4 module with global coverage and 2G/3G fallback. (LTE Cat 4 data rates are150 Mb/s download, 50 Mb/s upload.) The LARA-L6 is a perfect fit for demanding size-constrained applications, including video surveillance, dashcams, high-end telematics, gateways, routers, and connected health devices. The LARA-L6 integrates seamlessly with u-blox GNSS receivers, offering superior positioning performance over competing solutions with onboard GNSS receivers.
MIA-M10– the world’s smallest GPS module
In June 2022, u-blox launched the world’s smallest GPS module, roughly half the size of competing products. The 4.5 by 4.5-millimeter MIA-M10’s miniature form factor allows developers to design more attractive and comfortable solutions, further driving the adoption of positioning technology in small size consumer and industrial applications. Built on the ultra-low-power u-blox M10 GNSS platform, the MIA-M10 offers the most power-efficient solution for size-constrained battery- powered asset tracking devices. The module targets an expanding market for people, pets, livestock trackers, industrial sensors, and wearables.
XPLR-HPG – centimeter-level positioning and connectivity explorer kits for product designers
With a vast selection of sensors, interfaces and cloud connectivity, the new u-blox XPLR-HPG-1 and XPLR-HPG-2 explorer kits are for product designers requiring centimeter-level positioning. The kits integrate all the relevant u-blox technologies and services into a versatile prototyping platform.
XPLR-IOT-1 - centimeter-level positioning and connectivity Explorer Kits for
product designers
Offering a single platform to develop a variety of IoT use cases, the versatile XPLR-IOT-1 explorer kit reduces the expertise and code development required for hardware, software, and service integration. The all-in-one package integrates all the relevant u-blox technologies and services into a capable prototyping platform with a vast selection of sensors and interfaces and cloud connectivity.
 ubxlib GitHub repository simplifies the development experience
In June 2022, we released the u-blox ubxlib GitHub repository, a library of software examples for host microcontrollers that make it easy to control u-blox modules for key use cases. Rather than expecting developers to go through the arduous task of prototyping, testing, and debugging their solutions, we developed ubxlib to make the best use of u-blox module features in their applications. ubxlib speeds up the prototyping of solutions, ranging from wireless sensor networks to indoor and outdoor tracking solutions to industrial or smart building gateways.
NEO-F10T– secure high-precision dual-band GNSS timing module  
Offering nanosecond-level timing accuracy, thereby meeting the stringent timing requirements for 5G communications according to the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) global standard, the NEO-F10T significantly reduces the time error of cellular network synchronization. NEO‑F10T will help operators maximize the data throughput of their networks and optimize the return on their investment in 5G communications.
SARA-R500E– first cellular module with an embedded SIM (eSIM)
SARA-R500E greatly simplifies logistics for device makers, as the embedded Subscriber Identification Module (eSIM) chip is already integrated inside the module. Customers only need to activate connectivity and choose the data plan that best fits their needs via the service delivery platform. In addition, eSIMs are more robust than standard plastic SIMs and cannot be stolen or removed, increasing the device’s security. 
MAYA-W2– tri-radio Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth LE 5.2, and Thread module
Among the first host-based modules to extend the benefits of highly efficient Wi-Fi 6 to industrial applications, the MAYA-W2 offers vastly improved Wi-Fi performance, particularly when handling crowded networks, while supporting Bluetooth LE 5.2 and Thread. In addition, the tri-radio functionality makes it ideal for gateways and bridges in low-power IoT and mesh networks.
SaaS – security certificate lifecycle control service ensures future proof protection
In February 2022, u-blox launched Certificate lifecycle control Security-as-a-Service that continuously renews device credentials in a fully automated mode. Together with u-blox’s existing zero touch provisioning service, it provides out-of-the-box onboarding to IoT Cloud platforms with total control of the device certificate lifecycle.