Our markets

Ecosystem driven by salient megatrends

Despite changing macroeconomic conditions, we have continued to experience solid demand in both our automotive and industrial markets. The megatrends that drive our industry are strong; the continued need for optimization of industrial systems makes the use of the Cloud indispensable. In addition, the automotive industry continues to make automated driving and the electric car their top priorities.
Augmented reality, data, artificial intelligence, and automation
Augmented reality and the digitization of tasks that can be optimized through data, artificial intelligence, and automation drive IoT application development across our markets. 

Industrial positioning projecting 38% CAGR from 2021 – 20261
Many former labor-heavy industries and sectors, such as agriculture, construction, and healthcare, have been able to transform their business models digitally.  

More and more automation and autonomy connected with Cloud services have enabled the construction industry to embrace digitization fully. 

Some patients may no longer need to go to the doctor. Instead, their wristband delivers the data continuously to their doctor, who can make a diagnosis and provide them with care. 

Analysts project a 38% CAGR from 2021 – 20261 for the industrial positioning market as devices that were previously stand-alone become connected and autonomous.  

1 Source: ABI, TSR, OMDIA, u-blox

More than half of autonomous vehicles have a u-blox GNSS solution
As the market leading GNSS supplier within the automotive industry, one of two autonomous vehicles on the road has a u-blox GNSS solution. We already have solutions with major Tier 1 automobile manufacturers for the first Level 3 vehicles.
The car of the future will be autonomous, electric, and increasingly shared
With a complete portfolio of chipsets and modules spanning from standard precision to high precision, together with correction and assistance services, u‑blox is making the most of the strong market momentum for autonomous driving. Analysts predict a 30% CAGR from 2026 to 2030, with the technology capabilities moving from Level 2 to Level 4/5.